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Halifax AI Company Partner Leads Big Data in Psychiatry Symposium in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, USA- Organizers expect many of the DC-area psychiatrists to attend Washington Psychiatric Society’s Presidential Symposium this year, scheduled for April 6th at the University Club of Washington, DC. The Presidential Symposium is an annual event, and is aptly named, given the venue is located just 5 blocks from the White House. Carlo Carandang, partner of Halifax AI company KARV Data Consulting Ltd., will be the lead speaker for the Symposium, on the topic of Big Data in Psychiatry. Carandang is honored to be recognized as an international expert on Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in psychiatry. The complete list of speakers, biographies, and topics are located here.

Carandang will lead a panel of psychiatry researchers from prominent universities and institutions, including Harvard Medical School, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the University of Maryland, and the University of Missouri. All of these psychiatry experts will present their research and expertise on Big Data in Psychiatry and Innovative Models of Clinical Practice.

KARV is happy to support its partner in sharing his expertise abroad. KARV is an AI company, utilizing big data and machine learning to automate tasks for clients intelligently. KARV also strives to hire partners and employees who are at the top of their domains in expertise. Carandang being asked to talk at an international venue speaks volumes about the type of expertise KARV possesses.

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